Because I was recently asked where I’d gone in 2010 with Kodachrome

About a year ago, I vowed as a side project to shoot Kodachrome in as many cities as I could in 2010. For an occasional traveller, things didn’t turn out half-badly. So by request, I’ll share where I shot, in chronological order, from 1 January to the 29th December (without repeats — although I did start and end the year in Toronto). It’s probably half as exciting as many of the other places documented by others with Kodachrome, but I did my part!

  • Toronto (and surroundings)
  • Montréal (and surroundings)
  • Denver
  • Seattle (and surroundings)
  • Minneapolis
  • Vancouver (and surroundings)
  • Cleveland
  • New Orleans
  • Houston (and surroundings)
  • Austin (and surroundings)
  • Texas Hill Country

Places I had hoped to see but couldn’t were Ottawa, San Francisco, New York City, Winnipeg, Victoria, and Portland. You can only do so much, eh?

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