2 thoughts on “ATTENTION! Request for indexing known collections.

  1. Are you seeking Toronto-specific Kodachromes, or just general ones? I posted a good number of 1940s-1960s images here:


    and there are more that I haven’t yet digitized. These are primarily from Buffalo and Chautauqua, NY, along with Allegany State Park and Sheffield, PA. The square format ones are Ektachromes from the 1960s, many in Port Colborne, ON.

    • Generally, yes. The primary scope is the city of Toronto’s geography as it is today. But I’m also interested to see other GTA shots and, in special cases, Greater Golden Horseshoe Area (GGHA) Kodachrome photos — particularly as they apply to the GGHA’s historical economies (example: scenes of active steel foundries in Hamilton ca., 1940s or 1950s).

      Thanks for this link! I’m looking through some of them now. The red car immediately caught my eye. where was that specifically?

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