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Hi, I’m Astrid Idlewild, M.U.P. H.B.A., a graduate of McGill University’s School of Urban Planning. My masters in urban planning was an extension of majors in urban studies and Canadian studies when I was at the University of Toronto.

I am building an emerging research framework called Torontology. Torontology is a comprehensive examination, exploration, and review of topics relating to Toronto.

My interests extend beyond Kodachrome.  I have examined the ecological, social, and economic impacts, as well as the ethical implications of artificial lighting at night — more commonly known as photopollution or light pollution. I’m developing a subset of urban planning and policy called illumination planning

I like to explore intersectional urban spacing issues. Selected topics include the Andrea Yates filicides of 2001, published by the UofT’s undergrad geography journal Hidden Geographies: Undergraduates Writing to Transgress; the social implications of Toronto’s Victoria Day 1996 murders (and defensible spacing issues related to the factors leading up to that triple-murder); a history of social normativities at The Steps at Second Cup; and guerrilla gardening as a means to remedy impervious surface coverage and stimulate civic participation.

I’ve also written on Canadian content (CanCon) music policy: an undergraduate thesis, “Broken culture scene,” examined how and why enforcement policies focussed heavily on dissemination and broadcasting rules were a cultural failure relative to similar content-based policies in Australia which wisely invested in the production and distribution of locally-made music.

In 2007, I designed apparel for each of Toronto’s subway stations and now sell these at Denizen.TO (I also designed apparel for Métropole-MTL, a sister series for Montréal’s STM stations).

I’m a film photographer. I’ve also worked as a Toronto bicycle messenger, in marketing communications, as a technical writer. I curate period music and deejay occasionally as DJ Five-to-Midnight.


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  1. Hi Astrid.

    My name is Nicholas Kovats and I met you this evening at the Darcy Allan Sheppard memorial this evening. I was shooting E100D reversal with my new hybrid Bolex camera format called Ultrapan8. It’s aspect ratio is 2.8:1, i.e.

    My email =


    Nicholas Kovats

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