Flickr pool

Kodachrome Toronto on Flickr is an informal collection of Flickr-based photos contributed by many of its members. These photos are voluntarily added by Flickr users and sometimes invited for inclusion.

You are encouraged to join the group and add your Kodachrome slide work (or that found in your relatives’ basements).  The only requirements are that you created the image (or represent the individual who shot it); that it was produced with Kodachrome film; and that the subject material was in or around Toronto — even if it doesn’t necessarily show physical features of Toronto, per se.

For excerpts from 8mm or 16mm movies, short movie clips of up to 90 seconds are also allowed by Flickr. Adding them to the pool is encouraged.

NOTE: Contents on the Kodachrome Toronto Flickr pool remain completely owned and licensed by their respective copyright holders.  If a photo is listed as Creative Commons and is added to the Flickr pool, it may be used, with attribution, on the Kodachrome Toronto blog. If you wish to use an image in the Flickr pool for any reason, you must review the rights protection for that photo and with its author.  Neither this blog nor the Flickr admin is responsible for any content added to the pool.