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Right now, we lack a way to know what Kodachrome photos and home movies exist of Toronto (and of the GTA). This gap of knowledge means that archivists, researchers, historians, and librarians have no real way to find Kodachrome media that could go a long way to help understand Toronto’s past.

That’s where the Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010 research project hopes to help.

By filling out this quick form, it will go a very long way to help create a Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010 registry. Collecting this registry is central to this stage of Astrid Idlewild‘s supervised research project at McGill University’s School of Urban Planning.

Thank you for your interest in the Registry!


One thought on “Register a collection

  1. Watch my short documentary about Kodachrome, made and completed during its 75th and final year, in order to preserve Kodachrome’s legacy. Let me know if you want any additional information about my experience. I worked very hard on this piece.

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