Appendix A: blog survey questions

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  1. Name: ____________________
  2. Email: ____________________
  3. Web site (optional): ____________________
  4. In about a paragraph, what are on these slides and movies? ____________________
  5. Phone (optional): ____________________
  6. How did you hear about the Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010 project? ____________________
  7. Do you have slides or home movies which you think were made with Kodachrome film? [yes/no/unknown]
  8. Do you know when they were made, who made them, and roughly where in Toronto (or the GTA/Golden Horseshoe) they were shot? [yes/no/unknown]
  9. Are you affiliated with an institution, library, archives, repository, or the steward of a collection — either public or private? [yes/no]
  10. Do you want to be contacted by the Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010 archival project to discuss or have reviewed your Kodachrome media? This can help to improve their overall descriptions for the registry. [yes/no]
  11. Are you interested to have a descriptive summary added to a Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010 registry to help future scholars with their Toronto research? [yes/no]
  12. If yes, are you okay with this summary to be added
    to a Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010 online registry? (NOTE: No personally identifiable information will ever be published.) [yes/no]
  13. In what country is Toronto located? (this is only to make sure you’re not a computer!): [skill test answer]